The German City of Karlsruhe Issued a Parking Ticket to a Warped Car Sculpture by Erwin Wurm

The Last Guardian — E3 2015 Trailer | PS4

CLIC Marble | Native Union

Фотосессия для журнала GQ (декабрь 2014)

Towering New Pigeon Murals by ‘Super A’

VS Carre X | Visual System

A Timelapse of Illustrator Patrick Vale Drawing a Huge Pen & Ink View of the New York Skyline

Submarine Pub | 6th Sense Interiors

Painstaking Arrangements of Colorful Objects and Food by Emily Blincoe

Semi-Permanent 2015 Opening Titles

Фотосессия для журнала Playboy (ноябрь 2004)

Вдохновление текстом

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