Kathy Griffin and Jack Black

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett

Yves Saint Laurent and Karl Lagerfeld

Miles Davis, John Lennon and Yoko Ono

Groucho Marx and Alice Cooper

Prince William, Vanessa Redgrave and Uma Thurman by Greg Williams

Eric Clapton, John Lennon, Mitch Mitchell and Keith Richards.

Stephen Fry and JK Rowling

Pharrell Williams, Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo & Thomas Bangalter (Daft Punk) and Kanye West

Diane Von Furstenberg, Gloria Steinem, Bella Abzeg and Barbra Streisand

Carlos Santana and John McEnroe

Alex Turner, Alex Kapranos & Julian Casablancas

Aretha Franklin and Sam Cooke

Obama and Kobe Bryant

Sidney Poitier, Harry Belafonte, and Charlton Heston at the 1963 Civil Rights March on Washington

Ken Jeong and Travis Barker

Salvador Dali and Harpo Marx

Danny Boyle, Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan by Greg Williams

The cast of the original Star Wars trilogy

Alain Delon, Marianne Faithfull and Mick Jagger.

William S. Burroughs and Norman Mailer

Meryl Streep & Stanley Tucci

Cher, K.D. Lang, Madonna and Joni Mitchell

Paul McCartney and Johnny Depp

Clint Eastwood and PJ Harvey

Gary Oldman and a 12-year old Natalie Portman

George Lucas, David Bowie and Jim Henson

Marilyn Monroe and Sammy Davis Jr.

Charlie Chaplin and Mahatma Gandhi

Bob Dylan, Joan Baez and Carlos Santana, 1984

Stephen Colbert and Stephen King

Stevie Wonder & Bob Marley

Frank Sinatra and John F. Kennedy

Francis Bacon and William S. Burroughs in London, 1989

Olivia de Havilland and Janet Gaynor, 1953


Marlon & Marilyn.

Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Spacey (photo to Lloyd Bishop)

Georgia O’Keefe and Andy Warhol.

Danny DeVito, Patti Smith and Johnny Depp

Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash

Brandon Flowers and Lou Reed

Wes Anderson and Sofia Coppola

James Dean and Elizabeth Taylor

Gloria Vanderbilt, Pearl Bailey and Truman Capote

Maya Angelou and Langston Hughes

Freddie Mercury and Alice Cooper

Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong

Alain Delon and Brigitte Bardot in Saint-Tropez, 1968

Chuck Berry and Keith Richards

Benny Goodman and Duke Ellington


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