Today we will show you a beautiful house in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, a project by Khuon Studio. The house is a great example of how to wisely utilize space, it is something nice and doable, something we can relate to. Materials are beautiful and the design is clean and efficient. Perfect for when you don't have a lot space available, take a look!

We couldn't find the design studio's website but we believe the images communicate enough. Check it out. See you next week. :)

Description: The project relates to refurbishment of a house modestly located alongside one of Sai Gon alleys. The site confines itself to 2.5 m depth and 6.5 m width. Although its scale is quite humble but with it the capacity of light utilizing and ventilation as it stretches alongside the narrow alley. The inhabitants consist of 3 members of a young family. It makes sense for an interesting task as accommodating them with all their needs for a comfortable life in this cozy space .