Space is a place with a great view... there an astronaut may see clearly the stars, the moon and Earth will have its own show. Auroras, the sunlight glowing on our atmosphere... but look down when it's night time and you'll see beautiful city lights.

There are many great cities that will amaze any spaceman. The most awesome thing about city lights is that sometimes it looks so much like brain cells... it's pretty outstanding, really. Many astronauts have photographed these lights and here are some of these pics. For more of it, please click each image or visit Cities at Night, where you'll find a map with the photographed cities.

San Francisco, US

San Diego, US

London, UK

Midwest US


Los Angeles, US

Milan, Italy

Tokyo, Japan

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Lima, Peru

Bangkok, Thailand

Calgary, Canada

Beijing, China

Chicago, US

Ottawa, Canada

Berlin, Germany

Seoul, South Korea

Shanghai, China

Budapest, Hungary