Огромная подборка уроков для 3DS Max, которая охватывает практически все вопросы с которыми сталкивается 3d художник: моделирование, анимация, шейдинг, освещение, текстуринг и рендеринг. Коллекция пригодится как продвинутым, так и начинающим тридешникам.


Rain Fall Animation

Flag Animation With Cloth

Animated Grass

Create Neon Lights with Vray

Creating A New World

Create a Windows-Like Logo

Clock Tutorial

Create Amazing 3D Type

Making of Chrome Material

Model a Rubics Cube

Model A Realistic Toothbrush

3D Planet Render

Making of Bed

Realistic Metal Materials

3D Sunlight Effect

Hand Modeling

Chair Modeling – Spline Technique

Beginner Modeling Methods and Techniques

Auto key tutorial, AKA: Easy animation

3D Modeling Car Rim

Create a Realistic 3D Cracking Effect

Make A Cool Abstract Image.

Computer Case Modeling

Moving Text Around a Path

Face Animation Tutorial

Explosion Tutorial

Realistic Table Cloth Cover

Modeling Iron Man Head

Dice Roll Animation

Modelling a Planet and Setting Up the Scene and Light

Model a Modern Spiral Staircase

Melt Crystal Vase

Open Umbrella

Trendy Glass Tube

Trendy Crystal

For Intermediate Users

Creating A Perfect Eye

Caustics through Mental Ray

Water Fountain

Making of Shark: Animation

Create a Realistic Candle Scene

Cool Looking Neon Sign

Create an Awesome Sci-fi 3D Tunnel Effect

Creating A Black Shiny iPod

Glass Apple in Vray and 3D Studio Max

Space Scene (View to the Earth)

Head Modeling

Kingdom of Fruits

Modeling and Rendering of a Mercedes S600

Female Body Modeling

Interior Lighting by using Mental Ray

Create a Beautiful Sunset Scene

Create a Retro Rainbow Waterfall

Create a Realistic Looking Nokia 5800

Create an Awesome Exploding Glass Effect

Create Sea Anemones using Hair and Fur

Create Sunset Animation

Pageflip Animation

Model 3D Glass Object, Liquid and ice cubes

Creating Realistic Cigarette Smoke

Creating HighPoly Beretta

Making of The Hole

Making Realistic Water

Model a High Poly Airframe Missile Launcher

Particle Dispersion Effect

Next-Gen Weapon Creation

Realistically Light and Render Interior Scenes

Texturing a Human Face

Creating Bicycle Model

Making Leaf Materials

Virtual Beer

Roman Soldier

Model Fat Monster – Gordo

For Advanced Users

Making of ‘S-Force’

Modeling Joan of Arc

Making a Self Portrait

Audi TT 2008 3D modeling from A to Z

Modeling the Mercedes Benz 540k

Create an Awesome 3D Future City

Animate an Iceberg Turning into a Desert Island

Project Shell – Ferrari

Create a Marching Army Animation

Create an Ivy Covered Tree Stump

DNA Priority

Making Of Speed Demon

Making of Iron Cat

Making of Le Patisserie

Making of Paragalis

Creating Realistic Rocks

Knight Modeling

3D Character Designers

Model, Sculpt and Texture a Demon-like Monster