Представляем наши последние находки великолепных примеров дизайна, в основном из слов и букв, то есть красивую типографику.

Pokras Lampas

Party Life by Lucas Young

Dana Tanamachi

Kiko Ardiansjah

Slow Motion by mrkenz0

No Turning Back Now by Andreas Grey

I Crush Swag

The Power List by Jordan Metcalf

Andrew Leahey & The Homestead by Loren Klein

Packwood by Jess Wong

Saddleback by Jake Weidmann


Dave Matthews Band by Aaron von Freter

Given by Chaz Russo

Highly Doubted
Submitted by Bjorn Berglund.

Hexmen - visual identity
Submitted by enigmy.

Matt Gfeller Memorial Doughnut Run by Brady Tyler

Long Live the Adventure

Mad Max Fury Road

Lettering by Amadeus Malmén

Submitted by Akmyrat Tuyliyev.

Jake Weidmann

Asuka Watanabe

Mediocre Joker by Eric Friedensohn

Love Me Back by Emily Mahon