If there’s one film getting talked about right now, it’s Mad Max: Fury Road. The exceptionally well received spectacle is an absolute feast of complex visual effects that barely pause for breath during the film’s entire running length. If you’ve seen it and are wondering how those epic scenes looked before hitting the computer, here’s a peek at some impressive before and after shots showing what the film’s VFX crew started with, straight from the camera.

Warning. Rampant spoilers.

There are two things I find impressive about these shots. One, that so little has been changed in many of these scenes. And two, that so much has been changed. I know, I know…

But this is an excellent example of a team using visual effects at just the right level. While tons of weather effects and terrain have been added for visual impact, the vehicles (which some would call the stars of this film) are largely untouched by the VFX team. The explosions, and general mayhem has been largely left to real life – something many action films can no longer say.

Visual effects supervisor Andrew Jackson has confirmed this, saying there’s very little CGI in the movie: instead, they used real stunts, color grading, compositing, and about 2000 VFX shots.

For a full rundown of what went into creating this masterpiece, check out this excellent piece covering the work of Australian VFX studio Iloura at fxguide.

If you noticed something about almost all these shots, Fury Road is extremely center framed. Just check out this video featuring commentary from Director of Photography John Seale to hammer that point home: