Most household items wouldn’t be considered beautiful, but when Polish artist Janusz Grünspek creates sculptures featuring many of them, they become something bigger than their everyday roots. His real-life wireframes take the form of cassette tapes, a coffee maker or an Apple laptop, all made with delicate precision with just wooden skewers and a hot glue gun. Wood isn’t something you usually associate with 3D modeling, but in this case it does the job wonderfully. His series is called “Drawings in Space” (Zeichnungen im Raum).

Janusz (now based in Kleve, Germany) has created an entire office in this delicate style. Everything from tables, to an espresso machine and a satchel on the floor is recreated accurately. If it weren’t for those mysterious wire-frame shadows, we could almost imagine the image below was computer generated. See more of Janusz’ work on his personal site.