Sometimes the smallest things in life are actually the most meaningful. For illustrator and animator Evan Lorenzen, that includes creating very very tiny books. The Denver, Colorado resident has created a exceptionally small read called ‘Life’s lil Pleasures’. It’s filled with just a few pages, but takes us on a meaningful journey from those small but inspiring events, to some which would make you laugh, to some which are utterly bizarre. I love it.

None of his one-off books (hand illustrated with pen and ink) are larger than 1 inch tall. Many are inspired by mythology and medieval woodblock prints.

Lorenzen only recently started crafting “micro handmade-books”, but he already has a good collection going. We like his ‘Mini Book of Major Events‘ and his ‘Field Guide to Cereal‘. They are so good, I hope he creates an entire mini bookshelf of his excellent work.