It took the creative minds of three sisters to entirely transform an otherwise common town in Taiwan. Nobody really had a desire to visit the town of Huija, other than to attend one of the three temple gatherings each year. It didn’t help that drab grays and blues on old brick was the popular style there. But that’s different now.

While visiting their grandmother’s house on holiday, the three sisters decided to bring some life to the place. They got some supplies and painted the outside of her house with their favorite cartoon characters including Daruma Dolls, which are a symbol of luck in Japan. What happened next no one in the town could have expected.

After their colorful mural was up, other neighbors felt inspired to “spice up” their homes. They painted the walls themselves, or recruited local art students to decorate. Soon the village had dozens of murals all over, and now tourists (mostly from Hong Kong and China) are coming every day to visit. There’s even a walking tour which takes about two hours. It’s amazing what can happen when a few people come together to shake things up. Just take a look:

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