The year is 1984 and washed-up mechanic Chuck Carducci builds a robot so human, yet so powerful it can only be called VANDROID.

Hop into a world of beaches, babes and bullets, with enough explosions to make Michael Bay wet the bed.

The Vandroid graphic novel is published on the 26th of November by Dark Horse Comics.

Written by Nic Nicola and Golden Wolf

Directed and Produced by Golden Wolf


Creative director: Ingi Erlingsson
Art director: Ewen Stenhouse
Producer: Ant Baena
Design: Ewen Stenhouse, Pedro Vergani, Marie Ecarlat, Max Englehart, Bjørn-Erik Aschim
Animation: Peter Dodd, Tim Whiting, Christoffer Elsborg Kramme, Thomas Purrington, Henry Purrington, Max Englehart, Justine Waldie, Sim Marriott
Compositing: Alex Fernandez, Mike Tyler

Music by Ed Banger Records

Additional Sound Design by Echoic