Remodeling your kitchen? Hesitate no further. We’ve put toghether a great collection of dream designer kitchens via homify to inspire your choice.

These rooms are focal points of every home, featuring the messiest moments of family life to the most cleaning and organizing days. They must remain pretty even when in use, they must be functional as a matter of spaces and hide-the-most-that-you-can shutters, should be practical in terms of materials and countertops, should have a sufficient gap between the island and the cooking corner, and so on.

Options are endless in terms of materials and layout, but what we would like to highlight in this post is the different styles, look and feel the kitchen can give to the overall ambience. You can go for minimalistic kitchens black and white styles or rustic kitchens chic, mix old and new for an eclectic outcome, go for futuristic scenarios, add some industrial kitchens elements, or even just refurbish old wood countertops and play with strong accents of colurs on just a few walls. Loads of kitchen designers have had years of experience in this field, as you can see from the images below, and would be more than happy to guide you through this big jungle of options.

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Nothing could be easier. You can also have a look at this collection of bespoke kitchens for further inspiration.

Robert Babutzka edictum – UNIKAT MOBILIAR /

UNDUO Laboratorio di architettura /


Michele Romano ROMANO MOBILI dal 1960 /

Del Tongo /

Mowlem&Co /

Alexandra Lichters Lichters Living /

Fabian Krug La Cucina Küchenspezialist GmbH & Co. KG /