If we can make 12 days of Christmas, why not 31 days of Halloween? That’s 4 month old baby Noah Chavkin’s motto. His mommy and daddy, Jessica and Peter, love Halloween so they are putting him in a different costume every day this month as a countdown to the big day. With many pop culture references that they’ll have to explain when he’s older, like Risky Business, Where’s Waldo, and Russ Trolls, the costumes are not your typical, run of the mill, store bought fashions. Many of Noah’s costume parts are hand-knitted.

Noah is a great sport and appears to be enjoying sporting these costumes as much as his mom is loving coming up with new ideas. If you can’t wait for Halloween and want a cute baby in your feed to help you count the days, follow Noah’s mom on Instagram. You can also follow on Tumblr.