Hellicar&Lewis is a London based creative agency founded in 2008 by Pete Hellicar and Joel Gethin Lewis with the express aim of building interactive experiences that uses design to take people into that moment. The’ve been asked by Lexus to create a digital artwork that’s inspired by the striking angles of the new Lexus NX. NX Constructed is part of a bigger project by Lexus: NX-Perspectives, a revolutionary journey in the world of modern creativity throughout the visions of the most innovative artists in the world, taking the cue from Lexus NX’s unique design features. The activity is divided into NX-constructed, NX-materialized and NX-illuminated. The result is an interactive audio visual digital kaleidoscope which can be experienced by anyone at this link.

“We were inspired by the silhouette of the Lexus… The idea of a kaleidoscope and being able to see different facets of it from different angles. We found echoes in the NX.” Explained Joel, one half of Hellicar and Lewis. Using the smaller elements of the car, they drew direct reference, translating them into the kaleidoscope.

The online experience has been designed to evolve and grow the more that it’s interacted with in order to produce new, previously unseen angles, in real time. The combination of analogue and digital technologies have created a unique work that explores the relationship between the digital and physical, taking the distinctive facets found throughout the design of the Lexus NX and projecting that into the digital aether for an audience to explore in endless permutations. A short trailer, as well as a “making of” video have been released to thoroughly understand the creative thinking that led Hellicar&Lewis into the creation this astonishing interactive artwork.