Представляем наши последние находки великолепных примеров дизайна, в основном из слов и букв, то есть красивую типографику.



Silhouette by Pommel Lane

Born & Raised by sparks5designs

Wisdom by Daniel Letterman

Luca Barcellona

Affairs of the Heart by Daniel Letterman


Just Enough of a (Very) Good Thing by Pearlfisher

Los Angeles Brush Script by Neil Secretario

The Brewer's Tale by Simon Walker

Hustle by Vivek Mayasandra


Submitted by Joan .

Love Life
Submitted by Tristan Kromopawiro.

This Far
Submitted by Edgar Hernandez.

Incendiary and Suburban Scum by Jon Contino

Karma by Daniel Letterman

You are beautiful

SOL Beer by Jackson Alves

Beauty by Patrick Cabral

Fontastic by Sergey Shapiro

Spitting Blood by Luca Barcellona

Lovers Gonna Love by Matthew Tapia

All things change Toby Magrath

France-Norvège by Tyrsa