Spanish street artist Pejac is no stranger to the art of the silhouette. Even when doing highly detailed paint work his pieces often incorporate some form of clever black and white figure or shape. One way he’s experimented with silhouettes is on the windows of his apartments, most recently creating a playful tribute to French high-wire artist Philippe Petit. Here, in an imaginative use of forced-perspective, the tightrope walker balances on a jet’s vapor trail.

Pejac has been experimenting with window-based silhouettes since back in 2011 when he lived in Valencia. While his most recent tribute to Petit uses acrylic paint, his earlier works used cut paper. Here his creations would interact with the high-rise apartment out his window, the light poles and – in a playful intervention – the nearby surveillance cameras that invaded his privacy.

See more of Pejac’s urban interventions on Facebook, Instagram or his personal site.

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