Представляем наши последние находки великолепных примеров дизайна, в основном из слов и букв, то есть красивую типографику.

Tristan Kromopawiro

Don't get bit by Nathan Yoder

Silvia Alvin by raul sigala


What's Cookin'?

Wont by Michael Schinköthe

Shareability wall by Abraham García

Duende Handlettering
Submitted by Koning.

Pop by Luke Lucas

Atypical by Pawel Nolbert

Submitted by Jean-Baptiste Vachon.

Mistakes: Hand-lettering by Joshua Phillips

Alexander Girard fabric panels for Herman Miller

Rhythm Kicker II by Jonas

Earnest Custom Squire by Jason Domancie

Malcolm Gladwell quote by DANGERDUST

MR. BLACK SPIRITS print by David Sanden

Zane Kaiser

Marriage Certificate

Today's the Day to be Heard


Ambigram by John Langdon

Infonotary by PETROV

Lettering lyrics by Jennet Liaw

Esquire – 80th Anniversary Title Treatment by Luke Lucas