Taiwanese student Kai-Xiang Xhong is a cardboard master. He’s been slicing up old boxes and building 3D sculptures that are strikingly realistic (well, besides being obviously made of brown cardboard). His Ironman suit is a prime example. Each detail of the fully articulated suit is reproduced faithfully, right down to the glowing chest plate… and of course, it’s completely recyclable. Beat that Tony Stark.

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Xhong’s other creations include a seriously muscular Godzilla statue (that has never skipped leg day), a number of cardboard fossils (like a T-Rex and a flying Pterosaur), and a Bearded Dragon that’s so life-like people have mistaken it for a real pet. For the secrets of Xhong’s creation process, it’s definitely worth a trip over to his Facebook page (hint: this “Stark” shoots glue guns).