Представляем наши последние находки великолепных примеров дизайна, в основном из слов и букв, то есть красивую типографику.

Forks & Corks 2014 by Willoughby Design

Hunters & Gatherers - Creative South by Jason Carne

Beautiful Day


Heart & Spine by nevesman

Work hard, Love hard by Si Scott

What Would You Do? by Joseph Alessio

David Maclennan

'Los Angeles and Yogurt' by Ozan Karakoc

Whiskey Diet

Cymone Wilder

Like Minded Studio

Organic Cocoa Products

InspireMe lettering by Birzool Design Workshop

Adventures In Letterpress, Brandon Mise

EA by bijdevleet

Mark Twain by DANGERDUST

Badge by Kendrick Kidd

Star Party by Federico Maksimiuk

'I Saw What You Did' by Ozan Karakoc

We will be the lucky ones this time.

Illustration of the mechanism Wacom & Ps5 by Alexander Dyagilev

Empire by BMD

Natural Born Bartenders
Submitted by Filip Komorowski.

Bad Candy Girl by Valerio Moretta