LA based artist Wishcandy, or Sashiko Yuen, is a mad nomad whose work looks like cotton candy teenage dreams. The thing about these dreams, is that they originate from a subconscious full of compassion, eroticism, violence, and the search of true freedom. Wishcandy takes the traditional pinup and infuses her own style and technique to create rad retro-culture beauties… with a mad dose of rebellion.

The hair on her ladies isn’t blond or brown; but, pastel pinks, purples, greens, and blues. Her work is bright, colorful, and fun, yet it still tackles darker subjects. Her ladies wear vintage bathing suits, striped t-shirts, and pastel punk jackets. Sporting menacing stares with eyeballs that look like they’re about to pop straight out of the Twilight Zone. “At any given moment you could imagine I’m mentally recording color palettes around me, creating, or hatching an escape plan from the suburban jungle.”

2013 was a rough year for the artist. She has been battling health issues that are out of her control, which has made it hard for her to keep her identity as an artist while not painting. We wish her a speedy recovery back to health! One of the most inspiring things we’ve grown to love about Wishcandy is her attitude:

“I promise to take more selfies next year. To share more of myself. To experiment and throw caution out the window. Travel to new places. Move again. Meet my kindred internet spirits in person. Get back to writing and reading. Let you guys read some of my poems and short stories.

Because who gives a shit. I’m gonna redefine my idea of what it is to be an artist. I’ll tackle all the mediums. Gimme words, gifs, video, fabric, flesh, light, i’ll make you gasp and cum. Metaphorically and literally. Thrive in imperfection. 2k14 let’s go.”

Check out her artwork below, follow her on Tumblr, buy some rad prints or paintings from her Etsy, more shopping, and send her positive vibes to get back to good health!