I’ll admit it, I’m a tattoo virgin – but if I was going to get inked, I’d want my first date to be with Sasha Unisex. Her painterly tattoos are colorful and filled with imaginatively hued animal life that convey a load of emotion. When I say painterly I mean it too – before putting her work on skin, she does a precise watercolor of her design, getting all the details right before making it permanent.

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The St. Petersburg, Russia based artist has been posting her watercolors and the final tattoo over on her Instagram, showing her deft skill at translating paint to ink, and a designers eye for creating addictively beautiful imagery. Her work is filled with bright blues, pinks, and purples, and relies on smooth gradients rather than sharp lines to bring out their details. While many creatives would rely on digital means to do such fine work, she does things the old-fashioned way and succeeds brilliantly.