Мы продолжаем собирать со всего интернета лучшие примеры текстовых и шрифтовых дизайнерских проектов. В этом году эта первая подборка.

Не забудьте посмотреть наши предыдущие коллекции!

Rise Above by Patrick Cabra

Be Awesome by Sergey Shapiro

Tears & fears by ITS-A-LIVING

Ergo by Jason Vandenberg

James T. Edmondson

Epic Dreams Studio Logo by Mateusz Witczak

Brain Break by joluvian

Detroit by Foursuregraphic

Harley Davidson by Jared Mirabile


Anarquistas del Romance
Submitted by Marcelo Pellizo / Peyi.

Don't Die Holding on to Your Words

The Course
Submitted by Cargoneblina.

Bee by binaryfishie

Brace Yourself
Submitted by Cargoneblina.

Seniors by Mike Jones

Philly by Steve Wolf

Change The Rhythm by Neil Secretario

Smitten Magazine

Quotes From The Realm - YAWN

Loveletters by GRS

Calligraphy by Seb Lester

Branthony Sketch by Colin Tierney

Everybody Matters by Bryan Patrick Todd

Whisky & Nuts Card by Alexandra Snowdon

The season to be jolly

Most Wonderful Card by The Prince Ink Co.

Christmas Card Twenty-Thirteen by Leigh McG

GSD&M Holiday Special by Simon Walker

Company Christmas Cards by Adam Swisher

Juncalito by La Carbonera

Be by Nicholas D’Amico

Quality Goods by Nicholas D’Amico

Andrew Colin Beck

Imaginarium by Anton Burmistrov

Mr B

Steelhead Fine Goods

Life Is Wonderful Enjoy It by Nicholas D'Amico

Stranger and stranger

Nicolas Fredrickson

Design Vs Cancer Poster by Joseph Alessio

Gary Clark Jr. by Brandon Rike

Tomas Restrepo Acosta

Robert Ivens Machinery Co. by Brett Stenson

Roxy Torres

Roxy Torres

Roxy Torres

Movember Poster by Amritraj Gupta

Canals of England by Olly Sorsby