A young Elvis Presley. He might be blonde, but he’s already got that famous lip snarl.

Albert Einstein before his family moved from Germany to Italy.

Barack Obama smoking a joint.

A thin Hugo Chavez in military academy.

Who knew Osama Bin Laden had a black belt in Judo? He’s on the right.

Kim Jong-il with his parents.

Michelle Obama sporting some fantastic hair in high school.

Bill and Hillary Clinton at Yale University.

Bill f-ing Murray in his high school yearbook (top center).

George W. Bush at Yale University.

A 12 year old Muhammad Ali when he was known as Cassius Clay.

Nelson Mandela in 1961.

Karol Wojtyla, before he was Pope John Paul II, has a shave in 1960.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.

A young, beardless Fidel Castro.

Is this a modern hipster or a young Joseph Stalin?

Kim Jong Un, already in uniform.

Jorge Mario Bergoglio as a teenager (you might know him as Pope Francis).

Queen Elizabeth looking young and glamorous.

Richard Nixon playing for Whittier football.

Vladimir Putin as a young teenager, looking pretty much like Vladimir Putin today.