A young Elvis Presley. He might be blonde, but he’s already got that famous lip snarl.


Albert Einstein before his family moved from Germany to Italy.

Barack Obama smoking a joint.
Barack Obama

A thin Hugo Chavez in military academy.
Hugo Chavez

Who knew Osama Bin Laden had a black belt in Judo? He’s on the right.
osama bin laden judo

Kim Jong-il with his parents.
Kim Jong Il

Michelle Obama sporting some fantastic hair in high school.
Michelle Obama

Bill and Hillary Clinton at Yale University.
Bill and Hillary young

Bill f-ing Murray in his high school yearbook (top center).
Bill Murray

George W. Bush at Yale University.
George W Bush

A 12 year old Muhammad Ali when he was known as Cassius Clay.
Muhammed Ali

Nelson Mandela in 1961.
Nelson Mandela

Karol Wojtyla, before he was Pope John Paul II, has a shave in 1960.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.
Rob Ford

A young, beardless Fidel Castro.
Young Fidel Castro

Is this a modern hipster or a young Joseph Stalin?
Young Joseph Stalin

Kim Jong Un, already in uniform.
Young Kim Jong Un

Jorge Mario Bergoglio as a teenager (you might know him as Pope Francis).
Young Pope Francis

Queen Elizabeth looking young and glamorous.
Young Queen Elizabeth

Richard Nixon playing for Whittier football.
Young Richard Nixon

Vladimir Putin as a young teenager, looking pretty much like Vladimir Putin today.
Young Vladimir Putin