Представляем наши последние находки великолепных примеров дизайна, в основном из слов и букв, то есть красивую типографику.


Dress For The Crash, Live For The Ride by Jen Mussari

Help Haiti


Cafe Racer Dreams

Forge your own Trail by Judson Collier

Business Cards Oh+Ah by Timo Meyer

Solo Locales
Submitted by dlrm.co.

Cider Providers

Kill Love Sign by David M. Smith

Matix New by Dan Cassaro

neo fracture

Life Is A Work In Progress by Bob Ewing


Hey indie 1
Submitted by Miguel Sousa.

The Wire Poster Project

This Is The One
Submitted by Greg Coulton.

Majestic & Co. by Jorgen Grotdal


A true love story never ends by Thomas Pena

DotGrid cover design by Kyle Wilkinson

"Vintage Signs" in 3D - Type

Mary Kate McDevitt

No one will ever know! by Jeff Rogers

The District by Patrick Steele

Act of Kindness