Неслыханная радость для компоузеров! Сегодня вышел в свет и доступен для скачивания Eyeon Fusion 6 ! Лично я ждал этого около года, и вот это случилось.

Но, попробовать в действии это чудо пока что не удастся, так как если даже скачать с офф сайта, то для запуска требуется лицензия, а таблеток еще не успели напечь, так что ждемс...

Для тех, кто хочет узнать побольше о Fusion 6, всю информацию нет смысла перепечатывать, ее можно просто посмотреть на сайте разработчика или Wikipedia , плюс там же есть уроки и примеры.

Advanced CG Shader Materials

Fully Controllable 3D Fog

Object ID's Easily Created From Any Geometry

3D Environment Tools
Environment mapped reflections and refractions. 3D Cube and Sphere mapping.

New 3D Material Tools
New lighting materials, Blinn, Phong, Cook-Torrance and Ward. Material merging tool.

New Bump Mapped Materials
Bump mapped from height maps. Bump mapped reflections and refractions.

UVW Mapping
Set spherical, planar, box, fit, etc, mapping co-ordinates.

Alpha Projections
Project alpha and re-light the projection.

3D Blend Modes
All 2D blend modes supported in 3D, including Screen, Multiply, Color Dodge, Difference, Exclusion, etc. 3D blend modes can be assigned to any 3D object.

Matte Objects
Use 3D geometric primitives or meshes as 3D mattes in the scene, with Z-depth and alpha control.

FBX Caching
Performance of FBX loading by caching of FBX model data.

FBX Updated
Improved importing of scenes, camera paths, lights, geometry, baked animation, etc.

FBX Exporter
Exports geometry, lights, camera and animation.

Stereoscopic Imaging System

Fusion 6 has stereo tools and enhancements, and supports a number of 3D stereo viewing systems like OpenGL quad-buffering (used with most LCD shutter glasses and passive stereo monitors), anaglyph, side-by-side viewing, and iZ3D and True3Di monitors. The 3D system supports stereo materials, renders left and right eye views, and an Anaglyph tool is included.

Domain Of Definition / Region Of Interest System. This system allows for user-definable areas to limit processing, significantly improving performance and memory usage for large scale compositions.

RED Camera
Red camera support both 32 and 64 bit. Fully integrated into Fusion, including Floating point image generation and real-time proxy loading. All associated Metadata is carried through workflow.

UI Enhancements, Including

File Browser
Includes image previews and metadata, with gamma control for non-linear images.

Can contain tools, scripts, macros and settings.