Making of material and behind the scenes for a project we did at ANALOG earlier this year for CITIZEN.

Co-director Arvid Nikklasson and Matt Chandler attended the live action shoot in Prague where a beautiful, full size set was built and talent shot at 800fps on the Phantom Flex.
Lots of greenscreen and tracking markers later — we rebuilt and replaced the entire set and blew it all up with RAYFIRE and a whole load of other particle tools.

Director: Christian Bevilacqua
Production Company: Stink
Agency: Ogilvy
Visual effects: Analog

Analog Team
VFX Producer: Mike Turoff
VFX Supervisor: Arvid Niklasson, Matt Chandler
3D: Arvid Niklasson, Matt Chandler, Simon Reeves & Tim Woods
Compositing: Urban Forsberg, Aitor Arroyo, Nathan Bayliss
VFX editor : Pete Baxter

3dsmax, Vray, Rayfire, Pflow, NUKE