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The guide was created with attention of a wide range of industry experts, theorists, historicists and designers. The book contains three parts: "Schools and Masters" "History and issues" and "Theory and methodology". There are more then 100 articles on history, theory, methodology studies, cites from works of great masters of design, historicists  and theorists of world's design and architecture. In addition there are design history and addresses of many museums and collections of design.
You will get a broad overview of:
  • History and problem of design
  • Classic and modern tendencies of design from the topmost designers and architects of the words.
This is the must have book for any designer's bookshelf. Any of students, practitioners and teachers will find here the invaluable comprehensive reference of visual and narrative material that illustrates and evaluates the unique and important history surrounding design and architecture.
Some of content such as materials of Russian design of 1920-30 was made especially for this book. There are articles of grands of world's design such as Alexander Rodchenkom Vladimir Tatlin, El Lisitskog, Kazimir Malevich and their fellows Ivan Leonidov, Konstantin Melnikov and Ilya Golosov.
Printed edition of the book was published in 2004. Design layout of the book was awarded with The First degree Diploma of XIII International Competition for the best works of architects and designers. In 2006 book become the winner of Russian "Art of the Book. Tradition and Search 2005", "Best Books of the Year", "University Book-2006", "Design 2006" competitions. Authors: G. Vershin, E. Melent'ev, Designer: E. Melent'ev, Editor: H. Dement'eva

In this issue following special articles will be included:
  • Extracts of Leonid Pajitnov's book "Traditional inheritance of Bauhous"
  • Conceptual design and experiments, 1970-1990
Overview of Soviet Design of 1920-30.
Artists - constructivists and architectors:
  • Alexander Rodchenko
  • Vladimir Tatlin
  • El Lisitskog
  • Kazimir Malevich
  • Ivan Leonidov
  • Konstantin Melnikov
  • Ilya Golosov

Some interesting points of electronic issue of the book

  • English and Russian languages
  • E-book will support landscape and portrait layout of devices.
  • Text snippets will have links to the sources with list of online and offline shops
  • Section of “Schools and Masters” will have well-illustrated content base with handy navigation system.
  • Listed architectural masterpieces and designer’s works will be marked on interactive map of the World.
  • Section “History and issues” will have natural time scale with marks of main historical events connected to design, culture and society.
  • And much much more.

Supported devices: Android Phone, Android Tablet, Apple iPad, Apple iPhone, Kindle Fire.


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Rewards for indiegogo backers

All contributors will be listed and get special thanks on pages of the book.

Also we prepared many other gift such as gift codes for free download, T-shirts, desk clocks, umbrellas and pillows.

Personal framed certificates (A4 Format)

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There are two options on how to take a part in the project:
1) Publish your company’s logo and contact information in the special part of the book. You can use links to your resources and digital media content.
2) Create a full-blown advertisement with catalog abilities. The advertisment can be interractive and include video, pictures, HTML code and other.
Please read more about by this link: http://www.adobe.com/products/digital-publishing-suite-family/solutions-for-retail-catalogs.htmlPlease send a requests and comments to max.piskulin@me.com

Financing and distribution

100% Financing: The book will be issue in English and Russian. We will cover wide auditorium with our App for iOS and Android. The App will cost $20. After a half an year the app will become free.
Less the 100% of the goal: If the project will not get the goal the app will cost $30 and will be issued for iOS (Apple’s iPad and iPhone) only. Unfortuantely the project fill fail if we will gathe less then 50% of the financing.
150% and more: If the project will get more then the goal then the application could become available for wider range of popular devices. Cost of the application will become less then $10. The most important that we could extend content of the book, include more matherial from more specialist and even issue limited amount of printed variant of the book! In this case every of our frinds will get the book with valuable discount. After a half an year the app will become free.
How we are going to destribute the funds.
Very small part of the funds required to buy software and hardware tools. All remaining fund will be spent to get right to re-produce author’s content, development and promoution of the project.
When the product will be ready?
We have to modify and complete existing content. Most of the book is ready. We are going to spend most of the time on adaptation of the content for tablet devices. According to our expectations the book will be ready by the end of the May. There are enough time to finish all ideas and create really interractive e-book. 

The Team

Max Piskulin — Project supervisor. The books’s conception and makeup.
Gennadiy Vershinin — The Author
Eugene Melent'ev — The Author, design of the printed version.
Nikolay Piskulin — Consultant
Semion Piskulin — Developer of makeup of the e-bookAlexander Krivolapov

— Just a good guy

Julia Loginova
 — Public relation