Hello creatives! Hooray and happy Thanksgiving everyone! As you sit back and enjoy the moment with your loved ones, we here at You The Designer will continue to bring you the awesomeness in design to keep you stay creatively inspired!

Today we give you something out of this world as we take a peak into another awesome project. This time in the field of illustration and character design that feature cute and unique alien characters. The personal project is called “Aliens  History” – designed and illustrated by Andrey Koval.

Andrey whose art is focused on cartooning and digital art has created a set of amusing alien characters comprising a lovely universe that will lighten up your mood. Each design is distinct and much like what we actually perceive on how aliens look like but in a funny way. You The Designer got the chance to talk to Andrey and ask few questions about some background notes about this project. Check out the brief interview below:

YTD: What inspired you to create such wonderful alien characters?

ANDREY: I’ve always been interested in this topic. I wanted to create something funny.

YTD: Can you share us your creative process throughout this project? From where did you start?

ANDREY: I always start with an idea. My idea of an alien is also to some extent influenced by movie stereotypes and classic fantasies.  There is a probability that there are many inhabited worlds in the universe and we can imagine that some of them are inhabited by creatures that do not look alike but of similar culture.

YTD: Some of the characters are animated. How could that be possible?

ANDREY: This is a classic animation. Animation was done frame by frame.

YTD: Any plans of taking the characters into other ventures like prints, toys and other merchandise?

ANDREY:  It is my personal project. Maybe it will become something bigger in the future. Maybe it will be a bigger and successful business in the future like a game. Moreover most people like the concept, so there is a big possibility.

YTD: Which of the characters is your most favorite?

ANDREY:  I love them all! :) Also I would like to add that when the characters are already drawn, it’s like they are brought to life. The characters have never existed and never will , but people look at them and can imagine that they are actually living and have their own nature. I find it very creative.

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