It is true that most of the time, artists discover create their most stunning pieces by accident or by random experimentation. Sometimes, the most unexpected result is more appreciated than those that are carefully planned and polished. Experimenting on various possibilities are always true in the design industry. Typography for instance is one great example where the power of imagination in experimenting is an advantage.

One amazing designer whose works are products of playful experiments from scratch is Áron Jancsó. The Hungarian designer considers himself as a type addict who loves the use of shapes and structures in his typography and poster design projects. He describes his style as a blend of modernism, street culture and calligraphy. His unique works has already been published in various international publications, and been a part of different exhibits and lectures.

Áron is very popular with his typography concepts mostly in amazing poster designs. And today in You The Designer, we showcase some of his amazing typographic posters to get us inspired from his creative awesomeness. Enjoy!

Check out more of Áron Jancsó’s works in his official website or his Behance page for the latest updates on his projects. Got inspired? Then you might want to start experimenting in making unique concepts for your next typography and poster design projects.

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