It is always been astonishing to see someone creating wonderful illustrations on paper or canvas by just using pure talent and traditional tools combined with imagination. Isn’t it amazing how artists transform a plain canvas into precious pieces of art? Today in You The Designer, we will take a glimpse on another awesome work in the world of illustration. This time, we will take a break from using the computer and explore one amazing traditional illustrator from Ukraine.

Illustrator and textile designer, Tetiana Kartasheva has been creating intricate illustrations for children’s books and on other materials used in textile and fashion industry. Her works are mostly inspired by natural elements and fantasy characters and worlds. Her latest work called “The Lost World Watercolor Pattern Series” caught our attention while browsing some illustration projects online. The colors and elements combined with amazing execution using watercolor was truly amazing.

You The Designer is very fortunate to talk to Tetiana regarding her work and some background notes on her creative process. Check out the short interview below:

YTD: Hi Tetiana! Can you share us your creative process? From where do you start?

TETIANA: Everything starts with an idea. Then I think about it for some time. Next I create draft sketches. I think it is the most difficult moment – to apply  the picture in my mind on the paper. Some persistence, a drop of inspiration, particular time – and voilà, I have a result. Sometimes it`s even close to my primary idea.

YTD: The floral patterns are simply gorgeous. How do you decide on what type of floral ornament or other elements you will use in each piece?

TETIANA:  Honestly, I had no idea how it must look like in the end. There were a lot of pencil and watercolor sketches and pallets. I only knew from start that it must be something beautiful, light and bright.  Flowers and birds were appearing and changing just under my pencil. Yes, it was magic.

YTD: Aside from watercolors, what are the tools you are using to come up with such beautiful patterns?

TETIANAI work on paper with pencil and watercolors, nothing else. When a part of pattern is ready I scan it and overwork in Photoshop, to make it seamless and ready to print.

YTD: What inspires you every time you create a masterpiece?

TETIANA: Different things inspire me. There is nature, music, dreams. Of course, sometimes  I look through works of my favorite illustrators, classical painters and Japanese graphics. Also I take enormous inspiration and the energy in my native Ukrainian culture. It is very graphical and distinctive.

YTD: Thank you Tetiana for your time with us. Where do we see or find more of your works?

TETIANA: You can look through my works on Behance or follow me on Tumblr.

Tetiana’s works are great sources of creative inspiration especially for those who are into the art of pattern-making and textile industry or for those who just love the magical feeling when seeing such beautiful patterns. What do you guys think about her floral patterns? Tell us your thoughts and suggestions by commenting below. 

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