Most of us usually use a pen for writing or doodling on paper but Portuguese professional lawyer Samuel Silva can do more than that. By just using a common set of Bic ballpoint pens, Samuel creates amazing realistic portraits for about 5 – 50 hours. Knowing that creating art is just a “hobby” for him makes his works truly unbelievable.

His first ever work published in his portfolio called the “Redhead Girl” portrait became viral after it was shared over Reddit. The portrait which was based on a photograph of a Russian model was created for 30 long hours. Every detail of the face through every strands of her hair was captured by Samuel’s ballpoint pens.

Redhead Girl portrait | (Source)

Photography by Kristina Tararina | Reference photo for the “Redhead Girl” portrait

Samuel uses the grid technique in making his portraits as accurate as their references. Aside from a pencil for his preliminary sketching, he uses 8 colored Bic colored ballpoint pens (Yellow, orange, magenta, light green, light blue, blue, pink and purple) plus a classic blue and classic black Bic pens. Let’s take a closer look on more of his awesome works. Look closely for it may be hard to believe that the images below are actual drawings. Enjoy!

“Girl With A Pearl Earing” | (Source)

“Baby Cradled in Dad’s Hands” | (Source)

“Pool Boy” | (Source)

“Palace garden in Kyoto, Japan” | (Source)

“Cat face” | (Source)

“Bald Eagle” | (Source)

“Jaguar” | (Source)

“Woman’s Portrait” | (Source)

“Baby Girl” | (Source)

“Sitting Toad” | (Source)

“Vixen” | (Source)

“Tiger” | (Source)

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