The folks at multidisciplinary office AND-RÉ and the city of Vilamoura worked to create the project you’re seeing here – a lovely public bicycle project! This project is just the newest of a set of collaborations the city has done with the design group known as AND-RÉ and aims to continue their forward-thinking philosophy of “humanization of urban space” – this “returning the city to [the] people.”

The aim of this project was to develop a bike system that encapsulated “truly democratic equipment … requiring a great accuracy in ergonomic study and in the visual/formal language in order to achieve a unisex non-discriminatory product.” The bike itself represents a “debugged” design, as they call it, bringing light and purity to the overall system. Vintage at the same time as it is modern, made to serve the function alone – transportation for the city.

Designer: AND-RÉ

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