The holiday season is fast approaching and around the globe, marketing machines are whirring into action. Your clients are probably no different and you’re under the crunch to get some Christmas-themed design work signed, sealed and delivered. Here are 30 awesome cutting edge designs from others in your predicament to jumpstart the creative process.

Season’s Greetings

It’s Santa!

Christmas Ribbon

Simplistic Holiday Card

Present Time!

Christmas Angels

Wrapping Paper

Christmas Spirit

Santa’s Campaign

University Cheer

Retro Santa

Campus Christmas

Stripe Design

Christmas is for the Birds

Santa’s List

Snowy Tree

Cookies, list and coffee?

Christmas Feast

Colorful Christmas

Ring the bells!

Technology Tree


Christmas Time!

Christmas and Mistletoe

Reindeers and Trees

Warm Hands

A drop of Christmas

Bells & Charms

We make Christmas


Have you spotted others around the web that have inspired you? With all its cliches, good, original seasonal design can be difficult — the more sources of inspiration, the better!

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