Halloween is drawing to a close in some parts of the world where the holiday has become popular, such as Australia, and it’s about to begin in its homeland — the United States.

Given that it’s one of the biggest holiday events of the year, beating out the popularity even of Easter in many locations, we’ve put together a special for our readers: two inspiration pieces packed with the best Halloween-inspired designs, both for those who like it creepy and those who like things a little more conservative.

44 Fun Pumpkin & Candy Inspired Logos

Felix Diaconu has collected 44 fun and playful designs using pumpkins, candy and other Halloween motifs. This is great for clients with brands for children or those who just don’t want to get too ghoulish.

30 Ghastly Ghouls & Other Halloween Designs

JP Gassin has collected 30 awesome designs, mostly illustrated, that use skeletons, zombies, ghouls and other creatures to spook viewers out and really get into the Halloween spirit. If you’re looking for the best design scares this holiday has to offer, this is the piece for you!

Happy Halloween, readers!