Illustration art is oftentimes coined as the most challenging discipline in the creative industry. This is probably because of the fact that illustrators are mostly dependent on the drawing skill they have to fuel their creativity and not just on tools like computer programs and applications. That is why bending the rules of proportions in drawing a subject is extremely pure talent that not every creative person could have.

As we dig deeper to the world of illustration, a common kind of discipline which has been around for centuries always stands out. We are referring to the art of “caricature“. This discipline is defined as the art of making an exaggerated portrait of a person, animal or object that distorts the physical features of the subject. The common theme for this type of illustration is mostly satirical, funny and sometimes insulting. This type of discipline is commonly used in political cartoons to represent popular politicians and in entertainment magazines to portray various famous celebrities.

There has been a  huge list of popular carucaturists throughout history. Some of the greatest name in the industry tracing back from 18th century were George Cruikshank, Thomas Nast, Al Hirschfeld, Gogu Neagoe, S. Jithesh, Sam Viviano and the great Honoré Daumier, who is considered by some as the father of caricature.

And to pay tribute to this amazing form of illustration, we here at You The Designer will showcase few of today’s most amazing caricature artists whose works are all over the Web giving inspirations to others and continuously showing how amazing the art of caricature has transformed over the years – from traditional use of ink on paper to the use of digital applications.

Anthony Geoffroy

French character designer and illustrator Anthony Geoffroy have made wonderful caricatures of famous people and iconic characters giving them a brand new style and look in a fun and creative way.

Caricatures by Anthony Geoffroy | (Source)

Alex Novoseltsev

Alex Novoseltsev is a freelance digital and traditional artist who has been working for clients from different studios, publishers and people all over the world. What’s unique in his caricatures is the notably thin line that divides the real subjects from their caricature versions.

Caricatures by Alex Novoseltsev | (Source)

Paul Moyse

Freelance illustrator and painter, Paul Moyse is  specializing in caricature and portraiture. He prefer to work with traditional mediums, oils, acrylic, watercolour, pencil and paper but also uses computer to draw using Photoshop. Some of his clients include The Radio Times, The Weekly Standard, Sir Paul McCartney, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, and many more.

Caricature by Paul Moyse | (Source)

Tom Richmond

Last, but definitely not the least is Tom Richmond. He is an American illustrator most popular on his works as freelance cartoonist and caricaturist. Since 1990, his works have appeared in many national and international publications. He won as the 2011 “Cartoonist of the Year” Reuben Award given by the National Cartoonists Society.

Caricatures by Tom Richmond | (Source)