The alphabet is probably one of the most important element not just in design but in almost all types of media. Just imagine a world without the A’s and Z’s. The world will probably be in complete silence. In a designer’s perspective, almost all fields of design uses the alphabet as the very basic foundation of a creative work especially when typography is involved which is true in most cases.

Throughout the years, experimenting in typography and redesigning the alphabet letters have been a common trend in the design industry. Most illustrators and designers have their own interpretations of the letters whether in type design, traditional art, hand lettering or in digital concepts. And today in You The Designer, we will feature one amazing project which gives a nice twist on representing the English alphabet.

Slovenian artist, Luka Seme created a cool and creative new spin of the old concept of redesigning the alphabet. The project is called “The Superhero Alphabet” – featuring his illustrations of costumes of various superhero characters and more, representing the 26 letters. Check out this amazing collection below. Enjoy!

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