It is once again that time of the week where we recharge your creative brain cells and give you a quick rundown of the things we’ve shared in the past seven days.  And just like in the past weeks, this post was designed to keep you posted on last week’s various inspirational articles, practical tips and tricks and awesome freebies.

So whether you’re a newbie to our site or you’re a regular follower of You The Designer, you might as well get your computer and yourself ready for some creative rush from these articles.

In last week’s set of informational posts we talked about the following:

Aside from the informational articles we highlighted above, we also gave you last week two very useful tools you can use in your design projects. First off, Geno shared with us 17 Envelope and Paper Stock Photos best used for creating personalized and customized designs.

And in anticipation of the upcoming Halloween celebration, Kerby gave us a sweet collection of Grunge and Halloween fonts to give your artworks that gothic and scary look.

And of course, are week wouldn’t be complete without the inspirational posts we gather from the deepest corners of the Internet each week. And we weren’t short of inspirational articles last week as we gave you not one but five articles filled with creativity. If you’re running short on creative juju, you better read some of these articles.

So there you have it guys. I hope this post was helpful in refreshing and enriching your minds in order to help you get pumped up for the creative week ahead. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve our site, please let us know by leaving a comment below. You can also hit us up on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. Our RSS Feeds are also open for subscription in case you want to get the freshest and latest design news, features and updates from our team.

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