The latest design from Casualplay, Kudu Stroller, just goes to show that inspiration can come from the most unexpected places! Inspired by the beautiful African antelope of the same name, this wild design takes from the elegant yet robust body of the animal. Simplistic lines and invisible welds also give it a seamless, minimalist aesthetic.

It’s not only pretty, but super functional. The design features a collapsible backrest with 3 positions.
Multiple positions of the backrest mean the child can sit up comfortably while awake or completely lie down while asleep. This fully reclined position means it can also be used as a changing mat anywhere.
In addition, there’s also a reverse seat that in just one movement can be placed in any position desired, facing forwards or facing the parents.

Designer: Casualplay

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(Wild Stroller of the Savannahs was originally posted on Yanko Design)

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