Poverty and the lack of proper education are two of the biggest problems that the world is facing today. This is clearly seen in third world countries and small rural communities where people have limited access to resources in order to improve their lives.

And even though the world’s most powerful economies are bathing in wealth and prosperity, some of them have turned a blind-eye when it comes to problems and difficulties that poor people face in everyday life. That is why some people, such as activists, non-profit organizations and charitable institutions have made it their mission to help alleviate the quality of life of the poor especially in rural and remote areas.

Fortunately, graphic designers and artists are also joining the cause. One particular group that has done so, are the artists behind the Rainbow Birds Coloring book project.

Rainbow Birds is an international collective project with the purpose of helping raise funds to support independent art programs for margined children in the city of Tijuana Mexico. To be able to do this, the program enlisted the help of 45 different artists, designers and illustrators from all over the globe to create a very special coloring book featuring their own designs.

The coloring book is 11×17” in size and features 49 black and white poster pages of unique and wonderful images made by internationally recognized illustrators and graphic artists like Jon Burgerman, APAK, Akinori Oishi, Jason Limon, Bwana Spoon, Caruca and Charles Glaubitz to name a few.

Each coloring book will cost $20 plus a $10 shipping and handling fee. The revenue generated by the book sale will be used in support of art education programs in Tijuana through Fronteras Mexico and Fundacion Woo! Furthermore, the fund generated by the project will be used to strengthen basic values of community and sharing, especially in poverty stricken places that have difficult access to education and scarce resources such as orphanages.

If you’re interested in getting a book, you can order online using this link. For more information, you can reach them at info@rainbowbirds.org

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