Hello creatives! The month is about to end so its time to get to know another featured creative. Last month we we’re stunned by the amazing illustrations of David Habben and knowing his artistic career and creative process is a nice source of inspiration for us.

And today, we go a bit more digital and dark as we give you an amazing artist from Ukraine – Alexander Fedosov.

At an early age of 26, Alexander can be considered as one of the most unique digital artist out there creating surreal portraits of fantasy characters. By just using Photoshop, he brings his subjects to life with a combination of highly imaginative concept and surreal elements. His works are mostly dark themed with intricate details creating a slightly 3D effect.

“Deionarra” | (Source)

An ordinary PC with two monitors and a Wacom tablet are his ultimate tools of the trade. He gets his inspiration from various fantasy and surreal artists and listening to trash metal and hardcore rock music. His portfolio is full of portraits mostly woman and monster like creatures – each is just full of details and surreal elements no one has ever imagined. Lets be inspired by taking a closer look at some of them.

“Axel” | (Source)

“Priya” | (Source)

“Peisinoe” | (Source)

“Sachiel” | (Source)

“Disciple”  | (Source)

“Nymph”  | (Source)

“Medusa” | (Source)

Check out more of Alexander’s stunning pieces on his profiles at Deviantart or Behance. Get to know more about him in an interview as the latest featured artist at UCreative Spotlight. Feel free to tell us your thoughts about our featured artist by commenting below and might as well suggest some artists you know and wanted us to feature them in the future. Find us on FacebookTwitter and Google Plus for more updates. Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog for everyday design news and content.

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