An online group of art collectors and art enthusiasts called Artspace is currently holding a four week art contest on one of the largest social sharing sites today – Tumblr. Creative users of the blogging platform just have to submit their stunning pieces of art and let their followers and friends spread their work.

The contest is called The Next Artspace Artist where the winner will have the opportunity to sell the work on the Artspace website, promotion to top art collectors worldwide and 1000 USD cash. The competition is open to all visual artists including painters, illustrators and even photographers.

Those who will join must submit their work in JPG image format to the submission form provided by the contest’s Tumblr account every Friday of the week. The contest is done on a weekly basis creating four rounds of competition throughout September. The winners for each week will compete on the final round on October 1 – 5 based on the number of votes throughout the weekly voting period.

Round 1 commenced on the first week of September and the chosen winners which are the first batch of semifinalists include three different photographs.

Round 1 Semi-Finalist: Photography by Danno Watts (Source)

Round 1 Semi-Finalist: Photography by Gianna Badial (Source)

Round 1 Semi-Finalist: Books NapoliPhotography by Barry Cawston (Source)

Round 2 was held on the second week bringing three winning pieces characterized by colored brushstrokes and surreal images.


Round 2 Semi-Finalist: “Liquid Dreams” – Surreal Photography by Jack Hardwicke (Source)

Round 2 Semi-Finalist: “Grace No. 1.” by Jonni Cheatwood (Source)

Round 2 Semi-Finalist: “Buck” – Oil Painting by Aaron Smith (Source)

Round 3 winners of the third week showcase three different art mediums – collage, photography and illustration.

Round 3 Semi-Finalist: Collage art by Bryan Olson for Artspace (Source)

Round 3 Semi-Finalist: Photography by Agustin Farias (Source)

Round 3 Semi-Finalist: Illustration by Jisoon Park (Source)

Submission of entries for Round 4 has ended yesterday and the contenders for the voting period next week will be revealed on Monday. The competition makes many people across the globe experience and see stunning works of art and recognize different artists from different cultures using different art mediums. By just visiting Tumblr, strolling the various art galleries in New York and Paris is just a click away.

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