Typography design is one of the most awesome elements of art that are useful in almost all creative fields. The creative use of type is seen on various materials – from prints like magazines, business cards, posters and comic books to digital media like film, music, and even in logo and web design. Every single font we use can directly affect the creative concept of every project. That is why some designers have embraced the idea of using typography as the main ingredient in some of their works. And the incredible part is that they do it freehand.

Hand lettering is very challenging especially when considered as the primary medium in a design process.  An artist doing the hand lettering must be extremely talented in illustration and seeing things in a broader perspective. And to inspire you more and in celebration of this artistic medium, we here at You The Designer have compiled some of the most amazing and insane hand lettering projects you can’t believe are created by bare hands! Enjoy!

SVSV and G by 86era

Russian designer 86era did an awesome typographic creations called SVSV and G. The details are just incredible and all done using ballpoint and gel pens. The “SVSV” is a piece for Serum vs Venom / via Keystone Design Union using ballpoint pens on standard A4 sheet while the capital letter “G” is a custom lettering on paper created using gel pens.

Hand Lettering by 86era (Source)

Hooks & Iron, Co. Branding  by Ginger Monkey

Just this year, UK based designer Ginger Monkey did a wonderful job in creating a new look for the label of Hooks & Iron, Co. brand. The hand lettering combined with great illustration fit perfectly with the overall design.

Hook & Irons, Co. Branding by Ginger Monkey (Source)

Fun in Acapulco! by Jacqui Oakley

Canadian Illustrator Jacqui Oakley did a project for a Mexican in-flight magazine called enVIVA for VivaAerobus by Ink Publishing. “Fun in Acapulco” was painted in acrylic then inked. The impressive use of typography in the hand lettering and a fun selection of vibrant colors make this project very unique.

Fun in Acapulco! – Design by Jacqui Oakley (Source)

Wedding Birds by Masha Karpushina

UK based Russian – British illustrator Masha Karpushina created a nice type illustration work for the weddings of her friends. The works shows a simple use of slim text and nature inspired illustrations creating a very natural ambiance best for weddings.

Wedding Birds – Illustration and Lettering by Masha Karpushina (Source)

Burglars by Martin Schmetzer

Swedish artist Martin Schmetzer specializes in typography design used in branding, packaging and a lot of prints. His style is so distinct that even a softball team in Northern California called “Burglars” made him do their logo.

“Burglars” – Design by  Martin Schmetzer (Source)

Hand  Drawn Type/Logos by Maricor Maricar

Sometimes, the best hand lettering designs are not only found on huge projects but also in some unfinished endeavors. Australian artist Maricor Maricar who specializes in crafts and typography, have a collection of hand-drawn type featuring different global key locations. Each piece has a definite character which make them stunning pieces of art.

Hand-drawn Typography by Maricor Maricar (Source)

The Lost Art of Typography by Chris Yoon

US based designer/typographer Chris Yoon did a wonderful job on bringing the creative side of the usual chalk and board. Aside from the unique medium used, the nice selection of typefaces used in each word makes this project really unique.

“The Lost Art of Hand Lettering” by Chris Yoon (Source)

Hand Lettering Quotes by Sean McCabe

Sean is a US based designer with works associated with type design and co-founded Bold Perspective, a San Antonio based design firm. The clean feel and simple style of lettering are the remarkable features of his works as shown in the series of hand lettering quotes he did.

Hand Lettering Quotes by Sean McCabe (Source)

“Born and Raised” Album Cover Design by David A. Smith

Few weeks back we created a post collecting the best designed music album covers and this incredible work is included in the collection. Pictorial artist David Smith was commissioned to design the cover of the latest album of singer John Mayer called “Born and Raised”. The design was completely hand drawn and the intricate details of the illustration and typography is just extremely incredible!

 ”Born and Raised” Album Cover Design by David A. Smith (Source)

So there you have it guys! Designing typography through hand lettering can open many possibilities in terms of design and creativity. What makes this technique amazing is that we can never predict the limitations of what our bare hands can execute. By just using pens, brushes, paints or even just a pencil can unleash the creative skill we can use not just in typography but also in other creative fields.

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