Step 1


Step 2

Создаем новый документ и активируем инструмент PEN

Step 3

Обрисовываем силуэт

Step 4


Step 5

Делаем заливку

Step 6

Create two more layers under the "Head" layer and name them: "Body" and "T-Shirt." The "T-Shirt" layer should be over the "Body" layer, and both under the "Head" layer.

Repeat the same process. Beginning with the body and neck, and fill the shape with the same color as the head. Notice it's only important to correctly draw parts that won't be covered by the other layers. Then create the "T-Shirt" and fill it with a light blue.

Step 7


Step 8


Step 9


Step 10


Step 11

Mkbrb в глазных я блоках придадут живости, не забудьте про них!

Step 12


Step 13

Активируем BURN TOOL и подкрашиваем , иммитируя тени

Step 14


Step 15


Step 16


Step 17


Step 18


Step 19


Step 20


Step 21


Step 22


Step 23


Step 24


Step 25


Step 26


Step 27


Step 28


Step 29


Вот и все!